whiteline sampler workshop
Whiteline Workshop
whiteline print and blocks
2 6"x8" images

6-9PM Thursday October 13th 6-9PM Friday October 14th
We will create 6"X 8" multi colored prints through the use of this technique developed in 1915 New England. One woodblock, one carving tool, watercolors and a spoon. We will cover image transfer to the block, carving, registration and inking techniques. A history of the origin of this process with examples for inspiration will be covered. Students should come to class with drawings and or photo reference, a selection of watercolor or gouache in tube or pan form. Whitelines are carved creating moats around our color fields. This approach may be applied to linoleum, or styrofoam for students in a young elementary setting. Since all colors are created on one block there is no waste . A very economical process and it is highly transportable. No press is required to make a print although the how tos of printing on a press will also be covered.